About mmoLORD.com

mmoLORD.com was created to help regural players with their ingame gold needs.Let us grind and let yourself enjoy the game fully.We know how hard it can get if you lack ingame means,that's where we step in and provide you with a fantastic service.We are a couple of enthusiasts who actually enjoy grinding.We don't use any exploits,bots or cheats to gain ingame gold,we simply farm it and we are damn good at it.Keep this uninteresting part of WoW for us and you can just sit back,relax and enjoy your raids or PvP or whatever it is that you are into.We Operate on many realms such as : Kronos, Vengeance wow, Warmane LordaeronHellfire TBCDalaran, Warmane Outland TBC, Elysium and more.

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