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(Wrath Of The Lich King Private WoW Realm)

We sell gold on Dalaran wow - Algalon server - buy your gold package now ! Secure and Quick delivery

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(more you buy,cheaper the rate gets !)

Pricing starts at 1.9 eur per 1 000 gold (thousand) and goes down to only 1.5 eur per 1 000 gold for bulk orders (50k)

( Do you want to know how much will it cost you in your currency ? For instance USD or CAD ? Use the currency converter displayed on the right side of this page 🙂 )


1.Pricing is in Euro,but I have USD, what now ?

-No worries ! PayPal will automatically convert any currency,just click on buy now button and proceed 🙂

2.How soon will I get my gold ?

-We usually deliver Dalaran WoW - Algalon gold packages within few minutes after submitting an order,however,we might be AFK or it might be our sleep hours,so we kindly ask you for patience.Please allow us up to 24 hours for the delivery,this is rather extreme but can happen.If we don't deliver within 24 hours,you will get full refund 🙂

3.I want a custom amount of gold

-Yes we can do that,send us an email to and we will create a custom invoice for you.

4.Can i get banned for buying gold ?

-Even tho buying gold  is against the rules of pretty much any server,we at are confident enough to say that you are completely safe with us ! We follow many security steps while we do our gold deliveries and we have never had a single person banned yet on any realm including Dalaran WoW  🙂

Dalaran algalon gold

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