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(Classic blizzlike x1 rates vanilla private servers by Elysium Project)

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Elysium PvP Gold

this is the fresh NEW Elysium PvP realm

Avoid the banhammer by using us - we do not spam ingame and we don't use bots to farm gold.

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Anathema PvP Gold

(This is the old Nostalrius PvP realm)

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Darrowshire PvE Gold

(this realm was originally named Nostalrius PvE)

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  • Q.I don't have a PayPal account / I have different currency,what now

    A.If you do not have a PayPal account,you can use any card,just click on buy now and choose pay with credit/debit card.You don’t need to register in order to pay.If you have different currency – for instance Euro – PayPal will automatically convert that.

  • Q.Is it safe for me to buy Elysium, Darrowshire or Anathema gold ?

    A.By all means.We use secure delivery methods while delivering your Elysium gold,powerleveling or an account since we care about our buyers and we want to keep you safe at all times.To this date,we have never had a single issue yet.We do not use any software or exploits while grinding,everything is done legit and by hand.

  • Q.How Long Until I Get My Anathema, Darrowshire or Elysium WoW Gold

    A.We usually deliver your gold to you within few minutes,but sometimes we are not able to deliver right away for various reasons.We will deliver your order as soon as possible,however,in worst case,please allow us up to 24h for the delivery.If we do not deliver in this time frame,we will refund you the full amount 🙂

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Elysium - The New Nostalrius - Legacy Servers


Elysium Powerleveling Service

We will Boost your Elysium account/character.We do not use any bots or programs.Everything is done by hand and by REAL humans.Price for this service is variable.For 1-60 full level boost we charge 290-345 USD/EUR depending on the class and realm.This will take us about 14-21 days.We are also doing custom level ranges like 1-30,1-50,20-60 etc.,professions are also an option.Contact us via the form below and we will contact you back with the exact pricing for your chosen level range and for further dicussion.

Powerleveling Service

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Elysium Accounts

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Do you want to buy or sell Elysium account ? We have some accounts availble for sale and we are also looking to buy your account (if you have any) too! Please fill out the below form and we will get back to you shortly.


privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you


About Elysium, Anathema & Darrowshire - Private World Of Warcraft Legacy Servers

Update July 2017: Prices has been lowered, we would also like to introduce you our new goldshops for Warmane's Outland & Medivh. Also, Elysium has recently merged Zeth'Kur with the remaining 3 realms.

Update January 2017 : The Elysium project has released a new realm on the 13th of January named Zeth'Kur PvP.They also renamed Nostalrius PvP realm to Anathema and Nostalrius PvE realm to Darrowshire.We are offering services for all the 4 realms - Anathema,Darrowshire,Elysium and Zeth'Kur.

Update November 2016 : Nostalrius Begins - the famous vanilla server shut down by Blizzard decided to hand out the Nostalrius core to Elysium Project.Therefore,Nostalrius and Elysium realms are now merged together.You are now able to play your old character on Nostalrius PvP and PvE realms or start a new one on the fresh Elysium PvP realm.We are offering services for all 3 servers.

Elysium was created in the summer of 2016 by Russian developers who are the leaders of the Valkyrie WoW project.Right on the launch there was around 1k players.This is a classic vanilla server with x1 drop rates - without a doubt a hardcore realm indeed.As on any other x1 vanilla realm,we at know how hard is to grind ingame.Be it gold farming or leveling,it is a very hard task on Elysium.Thats why we are here - to serve the players who want to skip the grind and enjoy the other parts of the game. - We sell Gold,Accounts & Powerleveling for Elysium & Nostalrius