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We will Power level your toon.1-60 level time is about 2-3 weeks,keep in mind these are x1 Blizzlike rate realms and it is very hard to level up.Everything is hand and manually done,NO bots,cheats or exploits are involved.Everything that drops while we boost your character,stays on your character,including gold and rare items.1-60 price is 345 eur.We can do custom leveling ranges,professions and also PvP ranks.Contact Us for extra services,we can pretty much do anything you wish 🙂

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  • Q.Your Kronos Pricing is in USD but I have other currency,what to do now ?

    A.No worries ! PayPal will automatically convert the currency,so even if you have EUR,GBP or any other,just proceed with your order and PayPal will take care of the conversion.

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    A.We usually deliver Kronos gold within few minutes upon your purchase,however,sometimes we are AFK or it is our sleep hours,we kindly ask you to allow us up to 24 hours.This is rather extreme,but be patient with us.In case of Game Character order,you will get the Account details instantly after you choose whichever account you like.Power Leveling takes several days depending on the level range to complete and will be started within 24h from your order time.

  • Q.How Safe Is It To Order Kronos Gold From mmoLORD.com ?

    A.We are confident enough to say that we are VERY secure.To this date,we have never had a single issue.We are professionals in this field and you can rely on us 🙂 Our Kronos gold buyers never complained about ANYTHING regarding account bans whatsoever.Same goes for Account or Power Leveling clients.

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Kronos gold / Power Leveling / Accounts

About Kronos Private World Of Warcraft Project

Update March 2017 : Kronos and Kronos 2 were merged together,we still provide services on this realm,prices were also reduced,enjoy !

Original Kronos realm - Kronos 1 - was launched in 2015 shortly after Nostalrius server launch.Kronos developers rushed the release of the server to compete with Nostalrius.After Nostalrius shut down,a lot of players migrated over to Kronos.This migration caused Kronos one to be overfilled with players and caused big queue numbers.Over population was a trigger for the new Kronos 2 realm.After the release of the Kronos two,queue was greatly reduced on kronos I.Bot of these private WoW realms are x1 Blizzlike servers.It is extremely hard to farm gold or level up currently.That's where mmoLORD.com comes in ! You can buy Kronos gold,Kronos 2 gold,Kronos Power leveling and Kronos Account from us to save the hedeache and skip the boring part of the game.Jump into raids straight away easily with our services.


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