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  • Q.I see that i can pay in USD only,I have different currency,what now ?

    A.Not a problem at all ! We work with PayPal checkout system which will automatically convert any currency,feel free to click on the buy now button and proceed with the payment.

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    A.Most of our deliveries take only few minutes to be completed,so very quickly.mmoLORD.com is one of the fastest and most reputable gold selling sites on the market.We will deliver your Hellfire gold as soon as possible so you can count with us.In case of Leveling order,it depends on which level range you want,but we usually start within an hour on every boosting order we get.If you are ordering an account from us,you will obviously get the account details instantly upon purchase.Even though that we almost always deliver fast,we reserve the right to complete your order within 24 hours if any issue arrise or we are not available at the very moment of your order submition.If we do not deliver within 24h,you will get a full refund.

  • Q.Is my account safe while ordering from mmoLORD.com ?

    A.mmoLORD.com is very secure and care about your privacy.To this date,we have never had any issue whatsoever.Buying Looking4Group Hellfire gold,account or powerleveling  from mmoLORD.com is very safe.

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About HellFire private 2.4.3 TBC WoW server

News: We have opened our Felmyst Gold shop, check it out here mmolord.com/skullcrusher/

27th Of May 2017: Medivh was released ! Warmane decided to launch a sister realm of Outland. Purchase your Medivh Gold & services from mmolord.com/medivh.

Update May 2017: Prices were drastically lowered ! There is also a new TBC realm by Warmane called Outland, If you you are interested in gold for Outland, click here.

Update March 2017 : Hellfire is re-released !Realm is now called Hellfire 2.This time around leveling starts at level 1 as opposed to the old realm where you could get instant 60.Rates are set to x3 and from 60 lvl it is set to x1.5.We are still providing our services on the new realm 🙂

Hellfire PvP is one of those realms which gained popularity thanks to Nostalrius end.People used to call this server Looking4Group - L4G - at the very start.This server along with Kronos received a lot of attention from people who used to play on the famous Nostalrius vanilla realm.Even tho that it is different game patch / version,people migrated quickly.It is a known fact that The Burning Crusade is probably the most popular version of World Of Warcraft.Hellfire has standard x1 gold drop rates and everything is Blizzlike.This makes it very hard to obtain ingame currency and level up.mmoLORD.com decided to start selling gold and powerlevel service due to this very reason.We are here to help you to reach your ingame goals without any additional time investment from your side.Choose mmoLORD.com and we guarantee you satisfaction.


L4G - Looking4Group

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