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Gold for Outland - Warmane TBC WoW

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Warmane TBC staff is very good at catching cheaters (boters and exploiters), so we do this only by hand leveling and doing quests. Your account is safe with us.

All you need to do is just submit information down below in the box and we will hit you up with the details.

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About Outland - Private World Of Warcraft Server Made By Warmane

Latest News: There is new server in town called Felmyst, you can go ahead and buy our Felmyst Gold here, additionally, the price of Outland Gold has been lowered from 45 usd per 1000g to only 19.5 usd !

Update 5th July: Prices are heavily lowered ! Buy your gold for very reasonable price 🙂

Update 27th May: Warmane has Released another TBC realm named Medivh! This realm unlike Outland is blizzlike with x1 leveling rates. We provide services for both realms. For detailed Medivh Gold store visit

Warmane TBC Has launched ! 13 000 online players and thousands in queue ! This is pure insanity !

Outland is the first ever TBC (the burning crusade) realm made by Warmane.Warmane was secretly working on this 2.4.3 project for over a year and they decided that they will launch in may 2017.There is a professional team behind Outland so there is no doubt regarding quality of this realm.

Realm is progressive starting with t4 and some t5 raids such as Gruul's Lair, Karazhan, Magtheridon's Lair & Serpentshrine Cavern,  Tempest Keep.

Outland is able to hold 10 000 + players, with almost zero downtime and strong stability.We can see the same happening on Warmane's Icecrown & Lordaeron.

The strongest point of Outland is PvP. Warmane is actually ex Arena-Tournament which was famous for its PvP scripts and fixes. There is also a pefect anti-cheat system in place that takes out every player even thinking about cheating.

We mentioned that PvP is the stronger side of Outland WoW but PvE is not falling behind either, realm has fully working dungeons and quests. Staff pay attention to details so you will hardly find any bugged stuff.

The video below contains general information about Warmane's Outland TBC WoW

mmoLORD is a website that provides gold and services on many private servers.We recently added Outland to our portfolio and we are providing gold service for this magnificent server aswell. - We Sell Gold For Warmane Outland TBC