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FAQ - About Buying Burning Crusade - Felmyst WoW Gold

  • Q.Pricing Is Kinda High, Why ?

    A.Pricing of our Felmyst gold reflects current server economy. It might seem expensive to you but take this into consideration: Felmyst is a hardcore TBC realm with x1 rates, it takes a great effort to obtain gold, especially when one does it legitimately by hand farming. We do not use any game breaking exploits neither bots to get the gold, therefore the currency is very valuable.

  • Q.Is There Any Risk Involved While Buying Felmyst Gold ?

    A.No server admin ever liked gold selling business happening on any realm neither does Gummy – the creator of Burning CrusadeFelmyst. We are aware of this and we take the necessary steps to deliver gold to you safely. We have our own special gold laundering methods and delivery options so the admins can’t sniff it out. This is backed with our over 5 years of experience in this particular business.

  • Q.How Long Does The Delivery Of The Felmyst WoW Gold Take ?

    A.99 % of orders are delivered within 5-15 minutes. We all want to be served quickly, who wouldn’t right ? mmoLORD will do its best to deliver your gold as soon as possible. There are instances when the delivery takes a bit longer – we might be afk or it may be our sleep time, however, your gold will be always delivered. Please allow us up to 24 hours for the delivery of your goodies. If we fail to deliver within this time frame, we guarantee to issue you a full refund !

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About The Burning Crusade - Felmyst TBC 2.4.3 Private WoW Server By Gummy (formerly known as Skullcrusher)

2017 is the year of raining TBC realms,literally. We can choose from Hellfire, Warmane's Outland or Medivh and the newest addition - Felmyst - TBC by sir Gummy.

Gummycraft Started with beta with a name Skullcrusher, later renamed to current Felmyst.

This is not a usual realm though. Gummy has developed one of a kind core. Unlike Hellfire or Outland, Felmyst is running on a unique, built from scratch, source code.

Here is a sample video which portrays some custom scripts


Burning Crusade - Felmyst is 100% Blizzlike. There are no donations in place. You also have to actually have Attunements in order to enter raids. Server is progressive starting with t4/t5 & season 1 arena. Raid Bosses are "pre-nerf".

This server is a real game changer when it comes to TBC. Until now, no one attempted to release a server with a custom code. This seems to be working though. is the first website to offer gold, powerleveling & Accounts for Felmyst TBC realm. Don't bother with the unprofessional, overly harassing Chinese ingame spammers and get premium service here 🙂

Alternatively, If you are looking for Warmane gold, you can visit our sections dedicated for Outland & Medivh: and



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